Public Sector

We, the Public Sector Leaders of the Communications Workers of America District 6 are proud to endorse Claude Cummings, Jr. for the office of National President of the CWA. Vice President Cummings has demonstrated stellar leadership ability, providing guidance, direction, training and education not only for our members in the Public Sector but for all members throughout District 6. His vision, dedication, drive and commitment to our members are the much needed changes that will help CWA grow throughout this country. For these reasons, we confidently pledge our unwavering support to Vice President Cummings for the position of CWA National President.

Missouri State Workers Union

We proudly endorse Claude Cummings Jr as the next Communications Workers of America President. As CWA District 6 Vice President Claude has done amazing work to help all the sectors in his district. Throughout his time as D6 VP, he has consistently provided essentials necessary to build power for labor. Claude has consistently shown up for legislative fights not only for MSWU through lobby day and political outreach for numerous attacks on the Public Sector Unions, he also showed up and made sure that legislators knew we would not stand for Right To Work in MO in 2018. Claude has made great strides in making sure the public sector fights and issues are not just for the public sector. In fact, we have consistently seen him encourage work across the sectors because if one of us has a fight, then all of us have a fight. Claude has successfully navigated specific fights while keeping the membership engaged in big picture issues at the same time. It is a skill that can be difficult to master, yet Claude does it with ease. Claude is a leader that believes in the CWA triangle and helps the membership understand when they are all put together we are a stronger, more powerful union.

CWA/Oklahoma Workers Union Local 6086

With immense pleasure and great pride we would like to take this time to Endorse our CWA District 6 Vice-President Claude Cummings Jr. as the next President of Communication Workers of America. Our Local had the opportunity to be the first CWA Local to endorse Claude during his first bid for CWA District 6 Vice-President; and are even more excited to endorse him now. Claude would be the very best person for our Public as well as Private Sector. He has shown he has a dedication, ability and calling to serve and unite Workers regardless of Employer.

We implore not only our Brothers and Sisters in the Private Sector, but even more urgently implore those of you in the Public Sector to endorse Vice President Cummings along with us! We need and deserve the type of leadership and unity Claude will bring to our National!

CWA/Texas State Employees Union

Claude has been a longtime supporter of public sector locals and our organizing efforts. While Claude was President of Local 6222, he worked to engage Telco members in our organizing and mobilizing efforts. Besides working to fill buses for Lobby Days, Claude often invited us to speak to the memberships throughout the District about critical privatization fights and our organizing campaigns. Since getting elected as D6 Vice President, Claude has provided support and resources for TSEU. Whether through supporting our organizing efforts, gearing up for legislative fights, or mobilizing to defend our right to exist, we could always count on the unwavering support of Vice President Cummings and the District 6 staff. In the District, Claude worked to facilitate communication and coordination between Public Sector Locals and worked with us as full-fledged members of CWA.

For these and so many other reasons, we the public sector of CWA District 6, implore you all to support and vote for Claude Cummings Jr to be Communications Workers of America’s next President.

The Change We Need...
The Representation You Deserve!

The Change We Need... The Representation You Deserve!